Due to health and safety concerns and government/health official recommendations, all in-person FFF workout classes have been cancelled until further notice.

Here's what we'll be doing instead:

Training App

- All FFF members will have access to the training app (the same app we used for the Honeymoon Boot Camp Challenge last fall). If you participated previously you should be able to open the Trainerize app on your phone and login using your old username and password. For first timers, check your email for an invite email to create your profile. Anyone struggling to access the app or login please contact Adam. Training through the app will be free for the next couple weeks and we can evaluate further use depending on feedback and the evolving situation with the pandemic.

- Workouts with video demonstrations are created by Adam and specifically assigned to the FFF group. Many people won't have access to exercise equipment so most will be body weight exercises. If you do have equipment and want a custom workout plan through the app please contact Adam. 

- Accountability within the app occurs when you mark a workout as completed or not. Every time someone completes a workout on the app Adam gets a notification through his phone. It should be everyone's goal to blow up Adam's phone with completed workout notifications.

- Group Chat allows the FFF group to share mesages, pics, links, and even a short 30 second or less video message to the other FFF members in the private group on the app. It's a great way to keep in contact, share info, and remain social. 

- There are many other great features with the app which will be covered in a follow up email/video. For now, let's get everybody that wants to back on the app.

Virtual FFF Classes

- The current plan is to hold a few virtual classes through one of the video streaming services.  Our first virtual class will be next Friday, 4/3, at 9am. This also happens to be our regular Foam Roller Friday so be sure to dust off your foam roll and have it close by. The details and instructions for joining this virtual class will be sent out/posted in the next few days. 

Custom/Personalized Training Options

Adam is also offering the following services to help individuals stay active and healthy through these unpredictable times:

- Custom Training Plan through the training app. Workouts and schedule are created based on the individuals physical ability/contraindications. This option still includes access to the FFF group chat.

- Virtual Personal Training with two way video communication using a video messaging app. Get real time feed back on form and technique. Available in 30/45/60 minute sessions.

Please contact Adam if you are interested in any of these additional services.



If you were in the middle of an unlimited or package of sessions your account will be adjusted when classes resume.

On any given day you could bottle and sell the optimism and positivity that radiates from every member in this group... let's keep that spirit going in this unpredictable time.