The 3 month commitment to yourself!

App Demo - Commitment Challenge

App Demo - Commitment Challenge

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The COMMIT-to-3 Challenge is a three month commitment you make to yourself, your health and your fitness.


After signing up we'll schedule a 20 minute virtual Zoom session to discuss your personal health and fitness goals, preferred activities, and ideal workout schedule. After the goal setting consultation you'll get a customized personal workout plan to follow using the training app. This will include a calendar of recommended workouts and cardio sessions, and any habits to track - if desired. You'll also have access to a workout library so you can add or substitute workouts and even stream workouts to your smart TV or Apple TV to follow along with. You'll be part of the Commit-to-3 support group where fitness and nutrition tips, recipes, and optional challenges will be presented. Post your own activity/workout pictures and comment to members if you choose to, or be inspired by others posts. I am&nb