High Voltage is a high energy group workout where each session puts participants through a fun and challenging total body workout. Every workout is different - so gone are the days of "routine" boredom. Class locations and times vary so be sure to check out the class schedule. First class is FREE!


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Personal training is a great way to stay motivated and accountable, make positive healthy lifestyle changes, and achieve lasting results. Learn proper form and technique to ensure you are exercising safely and effectively while maximizing results. We bring the gym to you - work out at home, the office, outdoors.


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Structural Fitness events provide fun and challenging ways to mix up your routine, stay accountable, and get results! Events include group hikes, SF Gladiator Games, Holiday Fitness Face-Off and more. New events are always being added to the calendar so be sure to check the schedule regularly.


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Are you a member of a business or organization? Our services can be tailored to meet the needs of your group. We offer on-site fitness classes, custom fitness and health assessments, organize fitness related events and challenges, as well as present lectures and talks on health and fitness topics. Contact us for details.


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Reaching goals starts with tracking progress. Our advanced comprehensive fitness assessment covers the major components of fitness. You'll get a detailed printout of your results including a full body composition report. We come to you - get assessed at your home, the office, or outdoors. Contact us for more details.


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