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This all day event will have teams of two rampaging through various parts of San Diego on a physically and mentally challenging scavenger hunt, kayaking around the Enchanted Isle in Mission Bay, and testing their balance, hand eye coordination, teamwork, and problem solving in "The Gauntlet" of field games, before ending the day with a BBQ buffet.


For the scavenger hunt each team will be exercising their physical and mental fitness as they explore various areas of San Diego by foot and by trolley, solving puzzles and completing tasks. Estimated time to complete is 2-3 hours.



All the teams will re-group after the scavenger hunt and meet at Mission Bay for the tandem Kayaking challenge. This challenge will have teams tandem kayaking in heats around the Enchanted Isle where faster times rack up more points.



The Gauntlet of field games will test each team's balance, hand-eye-toe (toe?) coordination, problem solving, and teamwork through various games and challenges.



Winners will be recognized for individual events as well as the overall winning team that racks up the most points throught the day.  All results will be announced during the BBQ buffet.


  • 8 am start (orientation at Mission Bay)

  • 3:30 pm finish (approximate)

  • Two people per team (participants are responsible for finding their own teammate)

  • Each member of a team must register/pay

  • Each team must have at least one cell phone capable of taking pictures (scavenger hunt)

  • Results, Awards, and BBQ buffet

  • Final details will be emailed to participants a week prior to the event

  • Maximum of 12 teams

Early Discount Registration: $106

Registration increases August 1st.

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