Zoom Access for Virtual FFF Workouts:


Meeting ID: 940-149-374

Passcode: 823815



Trainer Talk Private Zoom Room:

*Please remember to sign up on the schedule below for the workouts you plan on joining.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all TC-FFF classes will be virtual sessions until further notice.

2/5 - Virtual Foam Roller Friday... so have yours nearby.

3/5 - Virtual Foam Roller Friday... so have yours nearby.

* If you were in the middle of an unlimited or package of "in-person" sessions, your account will be adjusted when TC-FFF classes resume at the Clubhouse. 

Want to Make Multiple Class Reservations?

Follow the link below on your computer:



How to Sign Up for a Class:


1) Click the "Sign Up" button next to the class you would like to register for


2) The next screen displays the class you selected. Press "Continue"


3) If you already have an account you will login. New clients will select "Create an Account".


4) After logging in, select "Continue"


5) If you have a current package of available sessions to use you will get the "Succesful" screen and you are done.


6) If you don't have a current package you will select one of the package options and follow the prompts for payment.




How to Cancel a Class Reservation:


1) Click the "My account" link in the top right corner of the class schedule and log in.


3) Select the "My Schedule" link at the top


4) Find the class you would like to cancel your reservation for and select "Cancel"


Custom/Personalized Training Options

Adam is also offering the following services to help individuals stay active and healthy through these unpredictable times:

- Custom Training Plan through the training app. Workouts and schedule are created based on the individuals physical ability/contraindications. This option still includes access to the FFF group chat.

- Virtual Personal Training with two way video communication using a video messaging app. Get real time feed back on form and technique. Available in 30/45/60 minute sessions.

Please contact Adam if you are interested in any of these additional services.

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