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It is difficult to fully explain the incredible upgrade in our family’s quality of life as a result of working with Adam.  My husband and I are more fit now at ages of 51 and 52 than we have been at any other time in our lives. We have lost more than 125 lbs. between us since beginning our workouts with Adam. It is a privilege to work with someone as professional and caring as Adam.  The obvious results from working with him are far outweighed by those that are unseen, but they will remain with us for the rest of what will hopefully be a fuller, healthier and longer life.


Francesca and Grant

I am now in the best shape of my life.  I attribute this to Adam Smith. Having worked with Adam all of these years, I now understand and live the healthy life...not just to lose weight, but to get more out of my life.  My whole mindset has changed, and for me, that's a big deal.  Adam has helped me incorporate fitness into my everyday life.  It doesn't mean that I work out 6 hours a day and only eat means that I am "living" to stay healthy. Adam is a great motivator for me...he pushes me to look beyond the age...and to give it my best.   Thanks Adam...47 never looked and felt so good!!



I have used Adam as a personal trainer for several years and have been very satisfied.  Adam is upbeat and uses positive encouragement to keep me focused and helps me to fulfill my goals.  He is always on time and keeps to the schedule we worked out.  It is always a pleasure to work with him.  I am a senior citizen with some limitations and Adam has been creative in finding exercises that work for me.  I have increased my strength and stamina substantially since we started.



At 23 I didn't know what physical shape I was in. I have played sports my whole life: soccer, to hockey, to rugby. To my surprise, the first time I ran a 5K it kicked my butt! With the help and direction that Adam has given me, I am now running half marathons, and even took a 2nd place finish in my age group in a 10 mile race earlier this year. Even if you have an injury, Adam will work around it and knows complimentary muscle groups that will strengthen your weakness. Adam knows how to work the individual to fulfill what THEY need from a workout. I would have never been able to push myself to the next level if it wasn't for Adam and Structural Fitness.



When I first started working with Adam I was looking for a healthier lifestyle. He's really helped to guide me to learn more about nutrition and exercise and has helped me reach my goals. I've lost 30 pounds, am doing boot camps, and got my family into it. Not only has he helped change my life, but he's helped change my family's lives. So if you are looking to transform and make your life great, call Adam, he's fantastic!



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